3 Things You Should Know About Traveling Notary Services

Ready for a vacation?

Picture this. You work from home – then one day, a deal comes through. It is the breath through which you have been waiting for. There is a problem though. You need to have a few documents notarized. This should happen in a few hours or else the deal will be gone.
You try to think of a few friends and neighbours who can refer you to the nearest notaries but they have no idea where they can refer you. Then it hits you – there are mobile notaries! So you find one online who saves the day. He arrives on time, helps you verify and notarize the documents and just like that, your bank account swells. All because of a travelling notary – so you become curious about travelling notaries. Here are five important things you need to know about them and the services they offer.

1. A Mobile Notary Provides Comprehensive Services

Our notaries are licensed and bonded through the Province of Ontario and can work with attorneys of all types, real estate agents, lenders, banks, Hospitals, Health Care Organizations, debt consolidation companies, and even structured settlement organizations. We can help you with the documents you need to have notarized including:

  • Powers of Attorney
  • Wills
  • Handicap Parking Applications
  • Debt consolidation documents
  • Affidavits

2. Using a Mobile Notary Can Save Your Business Money

You pay for notary services only when you need them.
You don’t have to hire employees to do the work.
You don’t have to pay for training or commission costs.
You don’t pay wages or benefits or travel rates.
You don’t have to pay worker’s compensation for outsourced services.

3. We Are Available

Mobile services are available for last-minute needs.
You can schedule at a time that works for your clients.
The utilization of a mobile notary service can significantly improve business and customer relations, improve bottom lines, and enhance a company’s ability to conduct business in a digital, always-on world. Ideally suited for most industry needs, notaries at Notary in Your Neighborhood are readily available to meet the specific goals of the client, resulting in the swift and competent completion of documents in the most cost-effective manner.

Are you in need of notary travelling services in the GTA area? NowNotary provides prompt, professional and efficient notary services in your area.

Call NowNotary at 647-904-9021.

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